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Julie Flanagan

I don't use the Business Edition of Silhouette Studio so I cannot answer your question on that. I do know that Silhouette Studio DE 2.0 saves as SVG that is much too small. So I usually resize after importing.  SVG files that I have purchased from Silhouette are totally distorted when I import them into any software, even Silhouette Studio, so I do not purchase those any more. Instead, I use an free online converter to change from Studio to SVG. I do check the size though.

SCAL5 has an option to export files in a format that works with Cricut Design Space to keep the sizing correct.  The latest desktop version of Cricut Design Space V. 5.5.33 does upload the correct size when exported in Cricut format from SCAL5.  For a while, CDS was reducing the size of designs wider than 11.5", but they fixed that issue with the recent software update.

Illustrator and Pazzles InVue software also export SVG files that retain their correct sizing when uploaded to Cricut Design Space.

If you are using Inkscape or Make The Cut, be sure to reduce the size by 80% before exporting SVG for use with Cricut Design Space.  


On February 18, 2020 at 3:06 AM Tam <upnseams@...> wrote:

Is there a way to export from Silhouette SB edition at the correct size?  I have to resize mine because they either come in too small or too large and the same with SCAL5.

On Tue, Feb 18, 2020 at 1:09 AM Julie Flanagan < craftymusician@...> wrote:
MTC files exported as SVG for use with Cricut Design Space must be resized to 80% their size before exporting in order to import into Cricut Design Space at the proper size.

So, before exporting from MTC, select all (Ctrl+A), and with the lock icon in the sizing panel closed (gold), type in 80% and press Enter. Now export as SVG (Ctrl+shift+S). The SVG will be the proper size when imported into Cricut Design Space.

On the other hand, if you want to import your design into Brother Canvas Workspace or use on Scan N Cut, no resizing of SVG files exported from MTC is necessary.


On February 17, 2020 at 9:45 PM "Pam via Groups.Io" <golfnsew=> wrote:

I love my Make-the-Cut!  I am having one issue tho with exporting svg's to use in design space.  They come into design space larger than they were when I saved'exported them.  I have to write down the correct sizes when in MTC, and then resize accordingly in design space.  Is this 'not just me', is there something I can be doing to prevent it?  THX






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