FOUND: Many FREE MTC and PCS Gallery Files

Julie Flanagan

Make the Cut and Popup Card Studio have had some technical glitches lately. But the community support for these programs is so excellent, that we now are able to download most of the missing files for FREE!
Liz Ackerman shared the following information: "There was a technical issue with a previous update to the forum software engine, which powers the forum and the gallery, and image files were lost. It’s the same effect when you look at older posts, and the attachments can’t be seen either. The images in MTC and the forum are hosted on the same webserver. "
Sandy McCauley has shared some important links to help us get access to the missing files. She has reported that "any files that are before 1/1/13 are now gone.  However, we have a lot of them at the following links, if you want to download and have them on your own computer": About 14,980 Files organized into 848 topical folders by Dave (AKA Berryone) About 5,979 Files collected by Paul Zingah and organized nicely into 114 topical folders from the user contributions in the MTC Gallery.
Sandy also shared a link for Popup Card Studio Gallery SVG files, updated about 6 months ago.
Diana Tunnicliff added thousands of files to the MTC Gallery. Her older and well as all newer designs are now available for FREE on her Archimedes Google Drive. Get them here:
Diana Tunnicliff regularly posts her new files in various facebook groups. She would LOVE to see photos of the projects you have made with them.
Using Google Drive, right click on the folder name, and click on Download. Wait for Google Drive to compile a single Zip file. When the file is ready to download, save the Zip file on your computer. You will need to unzip it before you will be able to import them into your software. Double click on the file name, and select Extract All. Daves folders inside the main file are also zipped, so you will need to unzip them.

Enjoy these amazing FREE collections!


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