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Will you notify us of the move once it's completed?  How will we know where to find you.

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You are amazing!  Thank you so very much!

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Please do not be alarmed at all the new files added to this group's Files section. Unless you are using MTC version 3 or earlier, you do not need these older files. 

 I decided to move older MTC files from the MTC_Tuts_Old Yahoo group to this group. The tutorials in this section were made using screen shots from older versions of Make The Cut. When Make The Cut software was updated from versions 3 to 4, I had to redo all of the tutorials to match the new screens in MTC 4+.  Some people, especially those with older Cricut machines, requested that I not get rid of the older tutorials after updating them. So I started a new group, and moved all of the older tutorials there for those who needed them.

Since this group will be transferred to as soon as that process can be completed, I decided to make the MTC_Tuts_Old a sub-group of this larger  Moving these older files here (even if only temporarily) will allow future access to these older files without us having to pay an additional $220 transfer fee. 



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