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Julie Flanagan

If your Black Cat Cougar can use SVG files, then you can export any file you make in the Make The Cut software to SVG format and bring that in to your Cougar's software to cut directly to your Cougar. This would enable you to download and use the more than 1500 files that are currently posted in the MTC Gallery. The link to the Gallery is included in the software. Find the ones you want or need using the search index, and export to SVG.

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Just want to introduce myself to this group. I'm married with a grown up family living in Australia. I haven't purchased MTC as yet because I have a Mac and I think/hope they might be working on a Mac version. I already own a Cricut which I love and have recently purchased a Black Cat Cougar which I still have lots to learn about. I read MTC could be used for the Cougar and was wondering if anyone has done this and what was involved.
I'm hoping to learn everything I need to know so I can purchase MTC when/if they do have a Mac version ready.
Cheers for now

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