Re: My Review of the Gemini Die Cutter/Embosser

Cheryl Rotnem

I just wanted to say, If you take one of those self healing cutting mats and cut it to size of one of your cutting plates of you Gemini, you can cut and emboss in one sweep! It works great. You won't need to use but only one of those cutting plates. Here is my combination from bottom up:
1 cutting plate
plastic shim
magnetic mat
cardstock of choice then self healing mat. But play with your machine, everyone is different a little.
Hope you like this.

Cheryl Rotnem, CZT 11
Certified Zentangle® Teacher

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Julie, I just picked up a Gemini at Tuesday Morning for $149 plus tax.  It has 18 threader dies with it.  The box indicates that it can cut multiple layers of fabric (depending on the fabric).  I assume that it an also cut paper and emboss.  Was this a good deal?  I bought it on impulse and not certain if I should keep it since I have a Fiskars Fuse.  Looking for advice or recommendations/opinion

Brenda Studer

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I have been busy playing with my new Gemini! I always give my new machines a heavy workout, so that I can report to you my first hand experience with it. I have shared my tips and hints in my latest blog post .  The more I played with it, the more I learned. There was so much to report that I only shared about cutting with a variety of my favorite dies. Using embossing folders with it is an entirely different subject. 

I marvel at all the amazing combinations that are possible with this machine. So if you have a Gemini, or are considering getting one, be sure to check out my blog post about it. 

I would love to have your feedback on this topic. Do you have additional questions? Do you have some special tips to share with us? I am sure I did not exhaust the topic. I look forward hearing your thoughts, questions and comments.


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