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Cheryl Rotnem

Thanks Julie, I knew you'd know. You are so knowledgeable! Did you happen to see HSN on the crafting blow out the other night? Cricut is so great now, It has a rotary blade to cut material and just about anything imagineable! It was going for $395.95 with all 3 blades. I got the Gemini Jr. for only $149.95 plus a couple of dies with it and of course all the plates. Can't wait to get it.

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You can keep both versions of the software on the same computer. Install the latest version of the software in a different folder. Then you can use the version you wish to. The latest version will not import my huge library, so I use the older software for that, and I use the latest software for downloads and searching for more recent purchases in the library.


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I have version #3.0 on my Cameo. If I update it will it affect MTC? I can't buy any cutfiles w/out updating.

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