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Julie Flanagan

I agree. Paulo has shared some beautiful files. I have been a fan of his since he started sharing his work. To cut intricate designs, it is important to cut with slower speeds in addition to using a new blade, a good sticky mat, and crispy paper. Worldwin papers cut very well. I like their Treasures line Their colormates come in hundreds of nice colors. Stay away from Bazzill papers, DCWV, and any paper that has a white core. These don't cut intricate designs very well. Some papers they sell at craft stores are fine in one color, but not in other colors. Do some small intricate test cuts on some paper before trying a large intricate project to prevent waste. Store your paper in zip lock baggies to keep it moisture free.

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I am in love with the beautiful, intricate files that Paulo creates. I have quite a collection of his files, and spent the past 2 hours with Paulo (or at least with his blog) downloading some of the older files that I didn't have. I don't know how he finds the time to design these files, in addition to his job. Because I never felt comfortable with SCAL, I have collected quite a collection of .svg and scut files, but have yet to use any of these. Now that I have MTC, I'm ready to start cutting. I know Paulo says to use a new blade, sticky mat, and crispy paper. Can anyone recommend any more tips for cutting some of these delicate pieces? Are there certain brands of paper that cut well, both in cardstock and paper? If you start with a new blade, how long should it cut well. I have the deepcut blade and the Inspiration? blade.

Thanx in advance,

Brenda in WA

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