Tearing Paper

Julie Flanagan

It is very common for me to ruin blades when I first start using a new cutter, even though I should know better. I'm not saying that your blade is bad for sure, but that would be the first thing to check. I always keep extra blades on hand. Even a tiny chip in a blade can cause paper to tear.

Other causes for tearing paper are tight angles in the design, paper that is not crispy, cutting pressure too high, blade extended too far, cutting too fast for the complexity of a design, mat not sticky enough, etc.

Do some test cuts with simple shapes. Make adjustments in the above variables, one at a time. Keep notes on your progress, so that next time you have a similar issue, you can address it more directly.

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the cricut is new. I probably have not cut 20 things with it yet. lol....trying to learn. I am cutting out Penny's frames and my cardstock is tearing. Thanks

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