Re: MTC on Windows 10

Cheryl Rotnem

I have never had a problem with MTC on my Windows 10 either.

Cheryl Rotnem, CZT 11
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On Sun, Mar 5, 2017 at 3:27 PM, Early Irwin elaurelf@... [MTC_Tuts] <MTC_Tuts@...> wrote:

Chances are you have a screen resolution smaller than many newer models, like 1920 x 1200? My 2010 HP Win 7 desktop works fine at that size.

Many devices offered today, including the Surface Pro 4 and my Mac Book Pro 2016 are much higher so  software not built to deal with theses units displays icons very small. 

A suggestion for others, to use the Win 10 side of my new Mac I use a workaround with my Bernina software that might help with MTC. They are struggling to work with these new devices, too. 

Right click on the Win 10 desktop before opening software. Select Display Settings, then Advanced display. Scroll down the list of display setting, try various ones, accept and open MTC to see if the dialog boxes display OK. With Bernina going all the way to 1920 is too coarse and I seem to settle on 2048 x 1536. Your numbers may be different depending on your screen size. The setting seems to stay until I close out of Windows and then I reset it when I open Win again. Most if the time I work only on the Mac side. My eyes love the higher resolution but don't set the Mac to its highest setting either when trying to see text.

Early Irwin


It works fine on my Windows 10, 17" laptop. I didn't have to make any changes to the resolution.


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