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Hi All

Happy to see the chatter arriving in the mail.

Going to have to buy one of the new Cricut blades for my cutter.



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My holder looks exactly the way your picture looks. That's the one I use with cricut blades since I got the Zing. 

If I knew how to attach a picture to an email here on my phone I'd do it. 


I thought Julie was the one to suggest it many years ago but it might not be her

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Thanks Julie, I just want a blade holder with Cricut blades and use it in my Zing


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I have lots of different blade holders, none of which seem to be the same diameter as the Zing blade holder.

Eclips, Pazzles, Old Cricut, Roland, all use the same blades, but Old Cricut and Pazzles holder do not fit nicely in the Zing due to their irregular shapes. The one that is closest to the size of the Zing holder is one made for Silhouette by Silver Bullet. However, I don't think these holders are available any more. I have not tried CB9 holders made for the Silhouette in the Zing. I don't think these holders use the same blade anyway.




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All this talk about blades gives me a thought. I purchased my Zing Air through a third party and it came with what I now know to be Cricut fabric and thick material blades in addition to the standard red Zing blades. Of course, the Cricut blades do not fit the Zing blade holder.


In this forum I've seen comments regarding the eclips and Cricut blade holders and the fact that these holders can be used in the Zing. I have two questions. 1) Is one of these holders preferable to the other, and 2) Are these holders the same diameter as the Zing blade holder? This is important when switching out different accessory tools in the same project.

Inquiring minds want to know. Thank you.

- Gitana the Creative Diva



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