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Brenda Bonkowski


I still haven't been to bed. Stayed up, and was afraid if I went to sleep that I would miss Andy's webinar. It was great. Andy doesn't look anything like I thought!! Young and good looking with a wife and small child. OT I don't have my printer hooked up, but I'll probably go to the library on Monday and print a bunch of things. My E is still in the case from my last blog...I have a new Create, and I'm thinking about setting up and try to see if I will have any problems registering, updating drivers, updating the firmware, etc. My house isn't very big, so the create would take up less room.

I don't think it's the weather here that makes me foggy. I have fibro, and it comes with something called fibro fog. The old memory is long gone. You make notes...then can't remember where the notes are. lol My daughter live in Phoenix, and I don't thing you could pay her enough to move back to WA. I live in Longview, but she used to live in Federal Way, but worked at Tacoma General? The one on the hill.

I need to get to bed so I can be up at 8 to sign for my new Corel Draw something or another Suite. The UPS guy came today, and by the time I got to the door he was long gone.

Brenda in WA

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