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Julie Flanagan

Ctrl+Shift+L will not work unless you have a shape selected. If you have selected a shape, hold down Ctrl and Shift keys and type L. A window will open allowing you to enter the name of your shape, and it will be added to your Library.

Or you can select your design, then right click, Select Export, and select To Library. The window will open for naming your shape to be added to your Library.

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I've finally been able to get started working on the lessons Julie put out there for us.  In the Using Shapes write up, I'm having trouble at the end of it where there are instructions for saving a file to "your Library" (page 12, item o).  There is no "your Library" tab, and when I do control/shift/L, I just get a clunk sound.  I'm using MTC 2.2.1, and I run Windows XP.

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