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Hmm... My paypal deposit cleared on the first day of ordering, but I haven't heard anything more about shipping... makes me wonder if it was the color I chose or what?


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I received notice that my new Pazzles Vue is ready to ship. I am so excited! I pre-ordered the first week it was announced, which seems like a very long time ago. 

 I will be sure to post my first impressions as soon as it arrives and I have a chence to run it through its paces. Currently we do not have an MTC plugin that will work with it, but there is one in the works. 

Pazzles Vue will have a new highly accurate print and cut feature that I am looking forward to playing with. With its 1000 grams of cutting pressure, it will be the most powerful machine in my collection. I like the extended cutting tray that slides out to support the mat.  Its included online software will import WPC and SVG files. I look forward to being able to cut directly to it from Make the Cut once the plugin is ready.

Their new Pazzles Pro software 2014 is an optional software package that will have all the advanced features I am accustomed to using in the Gazelle IV and Funtime 2014 software. It comes in 4 different colors. I chose purple, because I don't have any other cutters that color. With the Pazzles 2-year membership I am getting the machine for $99.  I was thinking about purchasing it outright, but I really like my craftroom membership. Since I will be paying for the membership anyway, I thought I might as well get the machine for $99.  Craftroom membership is an excellent option for people who prefer the convenience of cutting designs made by others. They have some awesome new projects posted each week.

You can check it out here:

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