Re: What happened to Yahoo Groups??

Jack Armstrong

The computer science technical term for the current state of Yahoo! is CTD** Yahoo gets into more trouble every day. Thousands of Yahoo! email users had their usernames and passwords stolen recently... again! This has become a frequent event for some time. Yahoo! groups have had a habit of randomly dropping members from groups and randomly missing sending emails to group members.

I took over a web site for an organization that had been using Yahoo! groups and having all these problems for months. We tried using Google Groups experimentally for a month or two and now have moved to it permanently.  Google groups looks and works like Yahoo! groups in most ways - with a few added features, but most of all it is reliable and so far, bug free. Moving took a few weeks and some administrator's time, but for us has been worth it. Just a thought...

***CTD means "Circling The Drain", which fits Yahoo! to a 'T' these days.

On Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 2:48 PM, Early Irwin <elaurelf@...> wrote:

Yes, I think AT&T customers got protected from the new interface called Neo for a long time. I know I finally got hit with it. The only positive thing I can says about it, after months of moderating other Yahoo Groups with people who had Neo, the trimming of their “run-on” posts was awful when I had to edit in HTML code. With Neo there is no code I can to work with, grin.


Early Irwin


I think I finally got hit with this new version of Yahoo Groups. This is ridiculous to navigate & so hard to figure out! Is there any way to go back to the old view??

I notice there are ad's intertwined in the comments too -- am I imagining thing??




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