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Susan Boyles


Not to be nosy, but I see in the message below you said, "buy the new software" is there a new MTC software version? Not sure if I am missing on something (and a chance for you to enable). 

Thanks in advance. 


Susan Boyles


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Oh no Julie, I just saw how cheap it was and I knew a few ladies were interested. I can't buy another machine right now and especially when I'm going to buy the new software in a few days. I'm in from the beginning on this one and can't get behind like I did on MTC. Got to get my ducks in a row and I bet I use up some of my paper hoard now. LOL

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That is a good deal if you only want to cut fabric. I think you could do better, though, purchasing the Fiskars Fuse, which they sell at $117 and lower at times on sale. I have used the Accuquilt dies on the Fuse very successfully, and the Fuse cuts up to 12" wide, which the Accuquilt machine will not. Be sure to check out all of your options, and get the machine that does what you need to do. 

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I know some of you were interested in the Accu Quilt machine and Joanns has it on sale (BIG SAVINGS) along with the accessories here:


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