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Susan Boyles

I agree. You should see requirements just putting their name on play posters for school who HAVE  permission by Disney themselves to perform their plays at schools.  I wouldn't mess w selling or giving away free anything license. 

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You cannot sell anything using licensed designs. That includes college and pro sports. With the Brother machines, they have the Disney licensed designs for personal use only. Even making something for a friend is a little close to the edge. You can certainly if you sell something.
It makes me so angry when I see people on Etsy or Craft Shows, or sometime eBay selling designs that I know are licensed, making money that I could be making if I were willing to risk my business and home. Either these people don't know or don't think they will get caught. I will tell you that Disney, NCAA, and the like are very serious about infringement and will shut you down and ruin you financially. They have very very deep pockets and we don't. You can get approved to sell licensed designs, but the process is very expensive. You have to prove that you can turn out so many items a day at a very high quality.
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Just don't sell anything you make with the Disney files. Disney will take you to court. I t happened to a lady who took a cartoon character and digitized it and machine embroidered it on a sweatshirt and they found out. Very expensive outcome and not in a good way for her. They apparently watch group lists. That's why so many lists tell you not to mention them on the list as even groups can get shut down over it. I occasionally do machine embroidery for people and have had to explain that I can't do them unless I own a licensed Brother Disney machine and not sure you can sell then even. Phyllis T
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On 10/2/2013 6:33 PM, GAYLE BRINKLEY wrote:
Finally figured out how to download them.���� They are great.���� Hope you will do more.���� I am always looking for Disney stuff and my hubby and I love all things Disney.
Thanks again.
Gayle Brinkley

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Hello Everyone, I just added FREE Movie Cartoon Characters Cutter Files to my blog for you. These are from various Cartoon Movies. They are in MTC & SVG Formats. Enjoy! Judy ********************** Judy Perry - Tracy, CA Blog - Dragon Crossing at

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