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Julie Flanagan

The most recent stable version of the MTC software is 1.4. The software has undergone major revisions, and the free update includes many great new features. However, the updates are not yet complete. The Beta version 2.03 has been released for those who would like to try the new features and report any issues. It helps software developers to have people with different hardware configurations to test it before its general release. Those who are not comfortable with unstable software versions may want to stay with MTC 1.4 until all of the testing is complete. Those who can't wait to try all the new bells and whistles can go ahead and download 2.03. 

It is not a good idea to share files made using the Beta (test) version until the final version is released, because files created in the new software will not open for those using the older software versions.

I think you are really going to like the new software, because it is much easier to use. It operates more smoothly, and is more intuitive.

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I just have a question - what is the beta version and does a person need it - confused about the 2 versions

DIANA   : )


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