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Goldie Holzer

I watched the videos….so cool, but I would end up with a TANGLED MESS!  I want to try, though. However, what do you do with these after you make them?  How could we use them in cardmaking or scrapbooking?  What kind of paper are they doing this on?   I hate you, you know!



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Sue, Glad you are enjoying tangling! It is fun isn't it? I'm going to certification in June to become a teacher of Zentangle, I'm over the moon excited about that! Five more months to wait.

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Okay Cheryl, you are in big trouble....LOL. I have doodled all my life. I don't have enough time to get stuff done as it is but Zentangles is absolutely addictive! Just what I need, something else to do!! Thanks for sharing the link. For anyone who hasn't tried it, it is awesome. I have limited myself to doing it only after dinner. I think I need to find someone to cook. clean and run my house so I can play, play and play. It's bad enough during golf season.


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> I'm sharing my latest creation in MTC. It is a hexagon overlay, you can see
> what I did with mine. The designs in some of the hexs are my tangles. You
> can learn more about Zentangles at so much fun and relaxing
> also!

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