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Julie Flanagan

The procedure is the same for installing any two versions of the same software. All plugins for older versions work with the newer versions of MTC EXCEPT one. pccplugin.dll will not work with MTC 4.2 and newer. You can have MTC 4.1 and MTC 4.3+ installed on the same computer. All files between these two versions are compatible. 

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OK just watched this and it doesn’t seem to address the latest updates.  Are you saying that I can continue to use my old drivers the same as I always have for the latest updates?


Terri Ettling-Shell


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Please see the video tutorial posted by Scrappy Dew here:

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I wasn't going to do the latest MTC update because I knew I wouldn't be able to use it with my cricut anymore - but then I realized I could do so much more with my pazzles inspiration.


I am very computer challenged.  Would someone please explain to me how to save my old MTC program so that I can use it with my cricut and then how do I upload the new MTC?


Is it possible to have both?



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