Q&A Webinar for June 19, 2012

Julie Flanagan

Don't forget to register for the June 19, 2012 Q&A Webinar! The free live Q & A session starts at 8:30 PM EDT and lasts for about 2 hours, depending on the number of questions asked. Sign up here to get an e-mail reminder to log in:

Questions posted so far that will be covered are
1. How to make a honeycomb design
2. How to make a spiral design
3. Information about the trial version of MTC for MAC
4. How to Pixel Trace an embroidery pattern for an alphabet
5. How to share Your Shapes in the Basic Shapes collection of MTC.

Don't forget to post your questions here:

Bryan has posted the recording for the June 12 Q&A Webinar here:

Topics covered in the June 12 Webinar include:
1. Make a scalloped edge on 12x12 paper
2. Pixel trace a design to make a stencil edge card.
3. Using the knife tool to designate a new starting point for cutting.
4. Editing a pixel traced design using the Node editing tools.
5. Snapping tool
6. Using the Gallery
7. Using Lettering Delights files.
8. Using Dingbats in MTC

Julie, craftymusician@comcast.net Flanagan Educational Services
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