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Wow I have used  them since I got my 1st Craft Robo, about  a Month after the Robo went on sale. Never had any problem  with mine like that.


Best  wishes


Betty Higginbottom (AKA Yorkie Bear)




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I want to give all a heads up on the use of lint rollers on mats. I used it to clean a mat full of little dots from sunflowers and it worked great. next time I used it to clean bits off it was soooo  stickey it cracked my brand new mat! it was a zing mat and the roller was so stickey it cracked the mat when I tried to lift it off. just be aware and be careful. I am now making the roller less stickey before I use it by running it over something a few times first. I am crying over my brand new mat!


Blessings, Norma

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