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Terri Ettling-Shell

I think I am just frustrated when I go to look for something I know I have seen or even already completed and then can’t find it.  Are any of you keeping something like a note book with pics and instructions?  I have also been forgetting to take pics of my projects.  This is so frustration to e because I am a special education teacher and you have to be extremely organized and lets just say that I am beyond anal about order.  I can always put my hand on what I want in the classroom.  I have also thought that if I create a blog this would help.  Those of you with blogs is this true or just more work to get worried about?  Thanks for all the suggestions and ideas.


Terri Ettling-Shell


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The way I keep my files is I use Dropbox for my main folder, that way I won't loose my files. I unzip, always. Sometime there is a password so you want to make sure you can get it if it is required. I have a folder in the dropbox folder labeled 'cut files'. I use this one folder for all of my cut files (no matter what type they are). Inside the 'cut files' folder I have files named 'flowers', 'christmas', 'animals', 'celebration', 'holiday', etc. If the folder contains a lot of files, I break it down a little more. Example: 'animals' could break down to 'horses', 'cows', 'mice', 'cats', etc. Then I keep all the file types for a file in one folder. Say I download a horse but it has 3 different file formats, I keep them all together and always try to keep a picture in the folder too. When I want a horse file, I would go to dropbox, cut files, animals, horses (using thumbnails view) and look to see what I like for this project. Then I can look to see if I have the file format I need, or I can use what I have to make one. Also, each folder that contains the files is labeled with the initials from the person/place I got it and the initials also tell me what terms of use go with that file as I also keep a list of those in a folder. Lets say I get a cow running file from Quilling Patch. The folder with the files in it would be labeled 'cow running (QP)' and the terms of use is labeled (QP)Quilling Patch-tou. If I confused anyone, I am sorry. I can try to clear up any questions I created.

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