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Julie Flanagan

I hate to disappoint you with my horrible memory. If the font to which you are referring was one I mentioned last year, it is no longer installed on my computer, because I had a computer crash, and forgot to back up my Installed fonts. I still have all of my fonts in a separate folder, but have not gone through it lately. 
Before The Rain is a new one I found recently.
None of these would be very good for cutting unless thickened significantly. But they are all very elegant. 

I have a collection of Fancy Script fonts. 
Beautiful ES
Altas Greeting
Ballorinol TC
Balmoral D
Brock Script
CAC Champagne
Centurion ES
Edwardian Script
Flemish Script BT
Freebooter Script
GE Basalt Script Normal
Jacoba Bold
La Jolla ES
Majestic Bold
NotnorvalHmk Bold
Splendid ES
Ville De Geneve Es
Zenith Script ES

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Hi Julis, i appreciate all that you do. I loved,loved the font you had found and you said it is one of your new favorites.I know it would help if i new the name,,,,,,i changed computers and lost it. It was a beautiful script,,,,,,hope you can guide me to it again. I thought it was one beautiful day, one rainy day but don't know. Can you help.???

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