Re: OT ? what large print printers sit on?

Susan Boyles

Thanks for the info - will get it of the floor - it is on a wood floor, but still have to dust it regularly.

Great idea about the corner and putting the two on it.



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mine is currently sitting on a corner desk with my silhouette SD. they sit on an angle because that's the only way they will both sit on the desk. Before I got my SD, it was on a coffee table.
The floor isn't a good place for electronics, especially if its carpet. They can get static electricity and quit. Carpets also make more dust/dirt get into your computer.

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Subject: [MTC_Tuts] OT ? what large print printers sit on?

I am using a wireless, but it sits on the floor next to the desk.

What do you large printer owners do with yours?
Mine just seems to wide all over (HP all in one) to sit on a normal size desk.


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