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Susan Boyles

Are there any links of finished projects for embossing metal?
I am not sure what you meant about lines? Are you referring to if
you emboss a 12x12 border you won't get a line or from the rollers?





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The other thing that the cake has going for it is embossing.  Those that like to emboss metal will no longer get those lines that the E has because of the extra paper guides.  Thanks again to Andy and the crew for making it possible to cut a full 12 inches with the E.  While a lot of us have other machines as well, when you have a big project going it's great to be able to use all the machines and being able to cut the full 12 inches on the E is phenomenal.
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Subject: [MTC_Tuts] Cricut Cake Cuts Chipboard

I use .022" flexible chipboard that is white on one side that I purchased from CK Resale. I was able to cut through this chipboard on the Cricut Cake using the Deep But housing and blade extended to 6, Maximum pressure, slowest speed, in two passes. I got a very nice, clean cut. I am very pleased with how cleanly it cut.

I cut this same chipboard on my Gazelle using a regular Gazelle blade in a single pass, pressure 4, speed 2.

Do NOT try cutting chipboard on the Craft Robo, Wishblade, Silhouette, or Silhouette SD, as these machines are not rated for cutting media this thick, and you could burn out your motor.

Pazzles Inspiration also cuts this chipboard in a single pass using its regular blade set to 5.

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