Snowflake Napkin Rings (finally - pics) (ATTN: Joy).

Susan Boyles

Now that I am on school break until Monday, I did a quick cut on the snowflake file I posted on the other
day on Makethecut yahoo group.
Well, I posted pics and semi-tutorial on my blog:
I had to get the SVG files from the other computer and so I put the files on the USB, took it out of the computer
and it now has disappeared among the house, I couldn't even retrace my steps. Mind must be in shock it
isn't focused in a textbook (smile). 
Anyway, take a peak at the blog and e-mail me if you want the file (in case you forget to go back to get it from
the blog - after I find the USB).
Hope you like it. 


LOVE it.Suzzi

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