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Susan Boyles


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How about a site that has the Epson Ink with the CIS? I would appreciate it.

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I was using the no name brand inks for my Epson R1800 and one day it started
making some god awful noises then quit on me. Found out it was due to the
inks, once I replaced them all with Epson inks, it worked like a charm!>
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That's a good idea, Irene, the Epson 1400 is even sold by some shops with >
the CIS already connected. Just make sure that you get the original Epson >
inks, the no name brands are not the same, IMHO.>
Edmonton AB>

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Hi Mendy,>
Have you heard about the "Continuous Inking System" I hadn't until I have >
been reading these MTC letters.>
And Now I have one on my printer and I don't hesitate to use it for >
anything even photos are great to print AND so VERY CHEAP>
Look into it. You wont regret it>
there would be a system for your printer.>
Ask the others I'm sure there would be some positives and negatives out >
there but definitely worth a look.>
Best regards>
Irene D in Australia>

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