I will introduce myself


I know I'm one of the first members here but I will still go ahead and introduce myself. I received MTC as a Christmas present and have been collecting image files ever since. I have cut a few things with my Baby Cricut with the software and I love it. I have learned how to take a clip art picture and turn it into a cutable file as well as cut images others have made. I have always wanted to learn how to make my own image to cut. I can't really draw but can you scan in a picture and turn it into a cutable file? I have seen where someone took a picture from a piece of fabric and made it a cutable file. Learning to do so would be fun. Is this possible in MTC?

Remember how I said I have been "collecting" image files since Christmas? Well, I presently have over 3,000 and really need to get on the ball of organizing them into categories. I have a list of all the different names of possible categories, but does anyone have any ideas that might help me organize them faster or easier? I am wondering how others do it because some of my images have multiple pieces so there is multiple files. I make a folder for them, but then I can't see the pictures come up in the preview box in MTC when I go to open an image file from my computer. Any suggestions?

It will be a pleasure to meet the new member and I look forward to learning more about how to use my MTC software. I think this group is going to be a great resource. I like that the lessons will be divided up in categories from easy through Advanced.

Happy Crafting,

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